We provide interpreting expertise in a broad range of fields. MSI’s select pool of skilled interpreters is equipped to meet the needs of virtually any type of bilingual or multilingual interaction—including complex, highly sensitive assignments.
MSI maintains a sizable pool of highly skilled translators and editors with experience in a broad range of fields and industries. Whatever the subject matter, clients can count on MSI to deliver a complete and accurate translation within the desired timeframe.
Cross Cultural Seminar
MSI offers cross-cultural seminars that enhance cultural sensitivity, explain business practices in other countries, and help relocated employees adjust to cultural changes, among other benefits.
MSI provides consulting services and technical expertise to help clients improve both overall business management and the management of individual departments, based on kaizen, the Japanese concept of continuous improvement.
Equipment Retntal
MSI provides state-of-the-art interpreting equipment, including interpreting booths, wireless interpreting equipment, conference interpreting systems, and audiovisual equipment, as well as technical expertise.
Worldwide Associates
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